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Overwatch players have already discovered secrets on new Havana map

Published: 18/Apr/2019 22:57 Updated: 18/Apr/2019 23:35

by Alan Bernal


The latest update for the Overwatch PTR on April 18 introduced the new Escort map Havana for players to test, and they’re already discovering secrets the location has in store.

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The new map was previously exclusive to the Overwatch Storm Rising Archives event’s PvE mission, but has now been unleashed to the PTR in preparation for its arrival to the live servers.

Since then, players have been scouring every inch of the Havana streets and structures, looking for anything ranging from bugs to exploits and even useful hidden items.

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Blizzard EntertainmentAs players go up and down the Havana streets there are sure to be more secrets to be uncovered.

Secrets within Havana

Although some would actually be pretty awesome to keep in the final version, others seem to in strange spots that makes them seem like easter eggs waiting to be found.


A video by Redditor ‘name-exe_failed’ shows that the Escort map has a couple of health packs tucked away on some of the rocks positioned just beyond the Don Rumbotico distillery.

There’s one pack barely poking out of the divet in between the two stones, but after adjusting slightly toward the edge of the cliff, reveals another health pack peeking from underneath the pile of rocks.

There’s a secret health pack on Havana 3rd point from r/Overwatch

A deeper look into the Escort map reveals more secrets

A separate video from ‘Zezombye’ shows another health pack hidden deep inside the map. The player was even able to hack it with Sombra, unlike the other two found by ‘name-exe_failed’.

Even as Sombra was able to impose her influence over the health pack, it’s highly doubtful that any enemy would come strolling by there looking to heal up.


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Turns out there is a hidden health pack in Havana (+aerial view) from r/Overwatch

The recent discoveries come just mere hours after Havana was added to the PTR, so there’s no telling what players might find in the coming test weeks for the new locale.

Between Havana’s PTR debut and its integration to the main game, players can expect lots of changes and bug fixes to happen over time as the devs prep the map for primetime.