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Overwatch Players Can Now Vote for Their World Cup National Committee Members

Published: 2/May/2018 4:56 Updated: 16/Oct/2020 16:07

by Joe O'Brien


Overwatch players in a country that’s qualified for the World Cup 2018 can now vote for their choice of national team coach and community lead.

The Overwatch World Cup will see 24 national teams face off against one another, which the tournament culminating at Blizzcon 2018 in November. Those teams have recently been announced and divided up for the group stage.

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With Overwatch naturally not usually operating on a strictly national level, with teams instead often featuring players from a variety of countries and no permanent official “national” squads, each competing country will need to build a squad for this year’s competition.


In each qualifying country, a committee of three members will be put together to build, train, and manage the team – a General Manager, a Coach, and a Community Lead. The General Manager for each country will be selected by Blizzard, but Overwatch players will get to have a say in who represents their country in the other two roles.

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Selection for each position will take place in two phases. For the Coach, anyone whose account is in good standing may apply for the position, and they will then be given a link to share through which players ranked in the top 150 for their country may endorse them.


At the end of Phase One, the top three candidates will be revealed and top-150 players will be able to vote on their choice for coach.

For the community lead a similar process will occur, except in this case any player from their country, regardless of rank, will be able to vote for their choice in both phases. Phase two for the Community Lead will include the top 10 candidates.

The full National Competition Committee for every competing country will be revealed on May 31st. Those that wish to represent their country as the Coach or Community Lead have until May 14th to submit an application.