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Overwatch players baffled D.Va ultimate bug is still happening years after release

Published: 18/Sep/2021 23:44

by Jaret Kappelman


One of the more popular heroes in Overwatch, D.Va, has a bug with her ultimate since the game launched, and players are absolutely confused why this still occurs.

D.Va’s Self-Destruct is one of the most iconic ultimates when it comes to Overwatch since it has so many different uses. Most of the time, you will see players going for highlight-reel plays and send it into a team hoping to get a multi-kill.

After using her ultimate, D.Va typically can remech safely and return to the fight as usual but a glitch that has been around for ages is still prominent and people don’t understand why Blizzard hasn’t fixed it.


Overwatch gameplay
D.Va has one of the game’s oldest bugs with her ultimate throwing her off the map.

Oldest D.Va ultimate bug is still in the game

One of the oldest bugs to haunt Overwatch involves popular hero, D.Va. Her ultimate has seen many bugs throughout the life of the game but none more annoying than this.

In this Reddit clip posted by ‘SlimyMelon’ they show off this wild bug after using her ultimate. Once pressing the ultimate D.Va is not only thrown out of her mech but out of the map.

This just happened to me while ulting as Dva, I got teleported pretty far out of the map for some reason from Overwatch

Since D.Va was floating in the air, she was unable to reactivate her ultimate to call her mech back, leaving her to fall to her death.

While this will not happen every time when you use the ultimate, it is something that has been around for years and players want answers.


One player voiced their confusion, pointing out that Blizzard has yet to address the problematic glitch in a meaningful way. Another person even said that this has happened to them on the exact map years prior.

Although this is just a bug, it does make people wonder why something that has been around for years hasn’t been fixed, especially for one of the game’s most played heroes.