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Overwatch players are still getting used to Torbjorn’s new ultimate ability

Published: 12/Oct/2018 18:01 Updated: 12/Oct/2018 19:01

by Bill Cooney


Torbjörn’s newly introduced ultimate ability sprays a layer of molten slag onto the map that damages enemies, but some players, like ones in the clip below, are having a tough time realizing the damage it can cause.

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The team attacking in the clip, posted to Reddit by a user named Frejky, seemed to be doing everything right; they had taken the fight to the point and looked like they might capture until they decided to ignore Tornjörn’s new ultimate.

Right after putting out his ultimate, the Torbjörn is slain by a Tracer and seconds later, his ultimate immediately wipes out an Ana and Mei who thought a stroll through some molten metal would be like a walk in the park.


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Brigitte is the next to burn as she doesn’t seem to realize her shield does nothing against the molten slag sitting at her feet.

Hanzo, probably feeling left out, hops right on in and is the fourth player to die because they weren’t thinking about Torbjörn’s new ability, or they didn’t take it seriously.

Four players total fell to one Torbjörn ultimate and ended up giving him play of the game because they either weren’t paying attention or didn’t take it seriously enough to avoid.

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Torbjörn’s new kit came in on the latest patch, along with Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event and his ultimate looks to be scarier than any of the new skins so far.


His new kit has already seen Torbjörn’s pick rate increase significantly, whether this continues or is just a result of players trying his new abilities out on unsuspecting enemies remains to be seen.