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Player discovers a clever Overwatch trick to guarantee they always pick Ashe

Published: 6/Nov/2018 17:19 Updated: 6/Nov/2018 17:45

by Bill Cooney


Everyone logging into Overwatch’s PTR is doing so for the same reason: to play the new hero Ashe, and one player has shared their ingenious technique that used a piece of card taped to their monitor to ensure they almost always get the new hero.

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The method, posted to Reddit by user gomminator, has a card cut into an arrow, and taped on the bottom of the monitor pointing at where Ashe’s character card will show up on the hero select screen.

Once the queue finds a match, the player starts furiously clicking at the point indicated by the arrow even before the hero icons load, once they do, Ashe is immediately locked in with a double-click.


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Because of the fast preemptive clicking, there’s almost no chance someone would be able to get Ashe, or any hero the technique was used on, unless another player was doing the same thing, trying to get the same hero, which might not be that rare on the PTR right now.

For obvious reasons, this method can only work on PC, since the vast majority of console players use controllers instead of mouse and keyboard, which makes hero selection less efficient on console.

Hacking the system to get ashe first from r/Overwatch

Ashe was revealed during the BlizzCon 2018 opening ceremonies as Overwatch’s 29th hero, and was released on the PTR just a few days later on Monday, November 5.


Players can’t get enough of Ashe and with this new technique floating around, they might need all the luck they can get if they want to play her outside of No Limits.