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Overwatch player shows off some unconventional uses for Reinhardt’s charge

Published: 31/Oct/2018 11:55 Updated: 31/Oct/2018 11:57

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player demonstrated some epic charge tricks with Reinhardt.

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Reinhardt’s charge is arguably his most iconic ability, and there’s little more satisfying in Overwatch than nailing an opponent with it.

As u/DPS__Mercy demonstrated, however, there are other uses for the ability if you’re clever about where you start your charge.

DPSMercy compiled three powerful tricks with Reinhardt’s charge. The first allows players on one side of Lijiang Tower’s Garden point to cross the gap to the central area without having to go over the bridge. Not only might this catch the enemy off guard, but it’s also arguably the fastest way to the point from spawn and avoids the dangers of the bridge itself.


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The second, on Volskaya, gives Reinhardt an unconventional route to the second capture point, bypassing the regular choke-point.

Finally, a creative charge on Oasis’s City Center point offers an unexpected flank route. By charging at the right time on the boost pad, Reinhardt can be launched over the top of the buildings, enabling him to drop down behind a pushing enemy and land for a back-line Earthshatter.

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While tricks like these might only be useful in quite particular scenarios, having them up your sleeve as a Reinhardt player could potentially make the difference in a tight game.