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Overwatch player shows off powerful flank with Wrecking Ball on Lijiang Tower

Published: 1/Nov/2018 21:16

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player pulled off an epic flank with Wrecking Ball on Lijiang’s Night Garden point.

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Wrecking Ball is one of the fastest heroes in the game, which opens up some opportunities to get out ahead of the enemy and hit them when they’re least expecting it.

On the Night Market point of Lijiang Tower, Overwatch player u/VaughnFry took advantage of that fact to start off the round with a massive play.

Rolling out from the upper exit of the spawn point, Wrecking Ball took a route along the side of the map, reaching the enemy’s side of the map before they had managed to enter the central area, successfully avoiding being seen.


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The enemy were taking a fairly standard route for Lijiang Night Market, running out of the main lower doorway on their side before turning towards the point. That meant that when Wrecking Ball lined up to meet them, they were perfectly positioned between him and the edge of the map.

Using the grappling claw to build some quick momentum, Wrecking Ball smashed through multiple members of the enemy team, sacrificing himself but taking down three of his opponents in the process.

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Though Wrecking Ball ultimately ended up dying himself, a three-for-one trade is always worth taking to kick off a Control round, leaving the rest of the team with a significant advantage to fight over the point.


It also should theoretically be possible to pull off this flank without also going off the edge, either by remaining tethered or switching out of ball form to reduce momentum. Either way, it’s certainly a useful trick to have up your sleeve if you’re a Wrecking Ball player on Lijiang Tower.