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Overwatch player shows Mei’s entire kit is riddled with bugs

Published: 23/Oct/2018 16:17

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player has outlined a series of bugs currently affecting Mei.

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In a recent post on the Overwatch subreddit, u/rubenburgt identified six different bugs that can occur with Mei.

Notably, the bugs affect every aspect of Mei’s kit, from her Endothermic blaster to her regular abilities and her ultimate. Each has at least one issue causing it to behave in an unintended manner.

While some of the bugs have been in the game for some time, all remain issues right now and several can directly impact a game by either endangering Mei herself or preventing her from impacting the enemy as she should.


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Of the bugs, the most significant are arguably those with Mei’s ultimate. Not only is it her most powerful ability, it is also has two separate bugs that can impact how effective it may be.

The first is that the ultimate can be delayed after being thrown if the path taken by the drone is blocked, as it won’t actually come into effect until the animation finishes. Notably, this can be caused by the payload on Escort or Hybrid maps where the vehicle hovers. This is particularly worth looking out for as the ultimate is very likely to be used around the payload.


The other issue with Mei’s Blizzard is that it can be nullified if the enemy is hit by an Earthshatter. Once hit, enemies can become immune to the Blizzard’s effect, preventing the ultimates from layering properly.

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via Gfycat

The other major issue identified is one which results in Mei’s Ice Wall placement not reflecting where the player is aiming.

Issues with the rest of Mei’s kit are more situational and less significant, but can still be problematic. It is possible, for instance, for Mei’s Cryo-Freeze to be broken by Roadhog. In certain locations, self-boosting with the Ice Wall can result in Mei being teleported through the map, and the freeze stream from her Endothermic Blaster can go through walls.


More perspectives and examples for these bugs can be found in the original post.