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Overwatch player shows how to maximize output with new hero Ashe

Published: 8/Nov/2018 21:08

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player has identified how to maximize the damage output with new hero Ashe.

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Ashe is the first hero in Overwatch with a real aim-down-sight mechanic. With most heroes, players aim entirely using the reticle, while Ana and Widowmaker both have fully-fledged scopes. Ashe, however, can look down the barrel of her Viper for a more narrowed-in focus without losing peripheral vision entirely.

The use of the gun’s sights for aim isn’t the only reason to ADS, however. In addition, aiming down the sights increases the damage dealt by the Viper, in exchange for a slower fire rate than you get while shooting from the hip.


This mechanic means it’s important to know when it’s going to be most effective to use which aim style. If you’re going to combine the two, however, it turns out that which order you use makes a difference.

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With an ADS shot forcing a delay before the next shot taken, regardless of whether that shot is itself a hip-fire or an ADS shot, if you want to output two shots as quickly as possible you actually need to take the hip-fire shot first, as u/AllOdds demonstrated.

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Naturally, doing so potentially comes with some trade-off of aim, as it’s likely to be tricky to hit these shots in such rapid succession against moving targets. For those with the skill to do so, however, it’s worth being aware that how you choose to take your shots will affect how quickly you can take them.