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Overwatch player pulls off the longest High Noon you’ll ever see

Published: 21/Oct/2019 10:35 Updated: 21/Oct/2019 11:48

by Kamil Malinowski


An Overwatch player managed to pull off a hilariously long High Noon during the game’s Halloween event.

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The annual Overwatch Halloween event is back, bringing with it new skins, game modes, and more. As always, players are enjoying the festivities by collecting all-new rewards as well as taking on the survival map Junkenstein’s Revenge.

One player decided to have a bit of fun with a custom version of the survival mode and managed to pull off one of the most ridiculous High Noons ever.

Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch’s Halloween event adds many new skins to the game.
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Reddit user Jewalify shared a clip of their gameplay on October 20, where they managed to gather an incredibly large group of enemies togther before eliminating them all with McCree’s ultimate.


The hilarious High Noon managed to take out at least 30 enemies, somehow firing a seemingly endless amount of bullets from the revolver which can normally only hold six bullets at a time.

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The clip was an instant hit on Reddit, largely due to how silly it was to see McCree fire all those bullets, with users enjoying the content and sharing some silly comments like “It’s your classic 78 shooter revolver” and “7-page noon.”

Jewalify later revealed that to do this they needed to add some custom settings to the map, giving themselves extra health to help survive the initial wave of opponents, as well as moon gravity to get the perfect vantage point.


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A play like this wouldn’t normally be possible, but thanks to the annual Junkenstein’s Revenge event and a little bit of creativity, anything can happen.

The event is one of many exciting seasonal celebrations that add a different way for players to enjoy Overwatch. Other events also take place throughout the year with Blizzard celebrating things like the Anniversary of the game, the Summer, and Winter Wonderland.