Overwatch player dramatically betrays their own teammate - Dexerto

Overwatch player dramatically betrays their own teammate

Published: 31/Oct/2018 22:47 Updated: 31/Oct/2018 23:00

by Bill Cooney


This Overwatch player found out the hard way just how chaotic Overwatch fights can be when they sent a Reinhardt flying towards their backline.

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During the first fight for the point on Ilios Well, the Junkrat player is creating space and trying to land a few grenades when they spot a Reinhardt and try to place a mine to knock him off course or into the well.

Except, as soon as the mine is activated, the Reinhardt begins his charge and gets sent flying who knows where behind the point.

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The Junkrat’s allied Widowmaker probably has a pretty good idea, because a second after liftoff it shows she got crushed by the improvised airborne battering ram.


You really can’t blame the player, they had all the right intentions with the mine, sometimes those freak plays Overwatch is infamous for just happen.

via Gfycat

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There’s sure to be some great, hopefully planned, Reinhardt plays this weekend at the Overwatch World Cup, which starts at 2:15 pm PT Friday on Twitch.

There could even be some Reinhardts who get eliminations after someone sends them perfectly flying into the air while charging, we’ll just have to see.