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Overwatch player discovers Easter egg with Ana’s highlight intros

Published: 16/Oct/2018 13:41

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player has discovered an Easter egg with Ana’s highlight intros.

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Highlight intros are designed as a spectacular introduction to a Play of the Game, often referencing the abilities of the hero in question, and sometimes showing off ahead of the play to follow.

In Ana’s case, however, it seems that beyond the highlights’ usual function, when played together in the right order they tell a brief story in their own right, as Overwatch player MirrorMaster discovered.

Starting with “Under Fire”, followed by “Locked On”, and then into “Guardian” and “Shh…”, Ana is depicted in various stages of an intense battle.


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First, she drops in amid heavy gunfire, rolling to her feet and spinning around with her rifle raised. The camera focuses in on her as she takes aim, and after firing a shot she whirls again to send out a sleep dart. Finally, we see from her victim’s perspective as she stands above them victorious.

via Gfycat

Played in this order, the highlights also imitate the sequence of events in Ana’s original introductory video. In it, Ana is seen on Anubis, where she drops down towards the first point near the start, before later sniping out an enemy Widowmaker, spinning to sleep a McCree’s High Noon, and finally standing over him as in her highlight intro.

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Though it’s not impossible that this is a coincidence, it’s certainly the sort of thing Blizzard likes to add to the game. Little synergies like this can also be found in the way certain emotes interact, and the way some sprays line up perfectly when placed together.