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Overwatch player creates Lucioball mode with nothing but Roadhog

Published: 7/Aug/2020 22:02

by Bill Cooney


One Overwatch player has finally created a Lucioball game mode featuring someone other than Lucio, and it’s a wild twist on the classic Summer Games minigame.

Lucioball has been around since the very first Summer Games event all the way back in the “good old days” of 2016, and ever since, players have wondered what it’s iconic minigame Lucioball would be like with different heroes.

So, one player finally decided to put someone else in the driver’s seat, thanks to the expanded options that have been added to the Overwatch Workshop lately, and for some reason, they went with Lucio’s polar opposite Roadhog.


Hog might not seem like the first choice for a mobile minigame like Lucioball, but looking at a clip from the game mode, it’s easy to see how it could actually be a really good time.

I used the Workshop to create Lúcioball except it’s Roadhog [Code: FZEPZ] from Overwatch

As expected, the gameplay is… shall we say, a bit slower than with Lucio running the show, but Hog is still able to hustle around and use his healing ability to increase his speed in the same manner as Lucio’s Amp it Up. The jump pads give him a little bit extra mobility on top of that, as well.

Much like in regular Lucioball, Roadhog can’t use his primary fire to move the ball, so instead, he’s stuck meleeing to get it around the map. He can hook enemy players though, which really does add another dimension and makes the mode we’ve played for the last few years finally feel fresh again.


The best part about this new-and-improved Lucioball mode featuring Roadhog? You can play it right now in Overwatch Custom Games if you want to try it out, with the Workshop code FZEPZ.

Roadhog in Overwatch
Activision Blizzard
Roadhog is finally getting a chance to show off his athletic ability. That’s all muscle, in case you didn’t know.

Overwatch devs actually did make significant changes to the minigame themselves this year, with the new “Lucioball Remix” mode, which adds additional obstacles and playable surfaces to the previously wide-open maps. It also decreases cooldowns to make for an even wilder time playing.

One of the biggest complaints about the minigame in previous years was that it had become stale, with no real changes being made since it first came out in 2016. That shouldn’t be the case this year, as the new Remix mode and custom editions made by players themselves should keep all of us Lucioball addicts plenty entertained.