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Overwatch Player Creates Amazingly Detailed Replay System Concept

Published: 25/Jun/2018 16:58 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 17:36

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player has created an incredibly detailed concept for an in-game replay system.

The concept demonstrates what a replay system could look like if added to the game, from both a menu and in-game perspective.

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Overwatch is a game that has been constantly expanding since its launch, not just with new playable content such as events, maps, and heroes, but also with major systems and features. On the PTR right now are two such systems – the long-awaited Looking for Group, and an “endorsements” system designed to encourage positive player behaviour.

Past examples of major feature overhauls and additions since launch include the spectating system for broadcasting competitive matches and the custom game tools, but one of the big outstanding features that many players would like to see is a full replay system.


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A replay system would ideally give players the option to look back at their previous matches, not just with highlight clips but with a full demo of the game. A replay feature exists in big games such as CS:GO and was recently added to Fortnite.

To give an idea of what such a system might look like in Overwatch, player Southpaw has created a concept system with incredible detail, exploring the menu system and features as well as what the replay system could look like in-game, all maintaining the style of the game’s existing interface.


The above gif shows a highlight of the concept, but a more in-depth look can be seen in his video explaining the system:

As Southpaw recognises, a replay system isn’t going to be something that will be game-changing for a majority of players, but as a major feature it will likely take a lot of resources to implement, so players will likely have to wait some time before something like this appears in-game.

For those wishing to improve, however, the ability to watch their games back, ideally from multiple angles, is an invaluable tool. As Blizzard seems committed to continuing to improve Overwatch, it might well be something that is added in the future, and Southpaw’s concept design offers a fantastic demonstration of what the system could look like.