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Jaw-dropping Overwatch Play of the Game turns McCree’s Deadeye into a sniper

Published: 21/Apr/2019 8:59 Updated: 21/Apr/2019 9:02

by Connor Bennett


Overwatch fans were left stunned by one player’s ability to turn McCree’s Deadeye ultimate ability into a death from above sniper-like killstreak.

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Who is McCree?

McCree, and his “it’s high noon” catchphrase, is one of the most recognizable characters in Overwatch – and can be regularly seen in games on both a casual and professional level.

However, his ultimate ability – Deadeye – is one of the most difficult ones to earn in-game due to its incredibly powerful nature. Yet, it is absolutely worth the wait to earn because of just how deadly it is – especially when you can reign terror from above as well as one fan has recently showcased.


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Blizzard EntertainmentMcCree has been given a new look in the recent Storm Rising archives

McCree drops an entire squad

In a post to the Overwatch subreddit, user MemeMuhSheen showed off their incredible squad wipe with McCree’s Deadeye shot during a game of Control on Oasis.

Instead of doing it from just on the fringe of the action like many players do, MemeMuhSheen launched the ultimate from high in the sky – giving their enemies no chance at being able to scout them out as they were already distracted by gunfights.

With their enemies pre-occupied, the player showed patience in lining up all five players before pulling the trigger and consigning them all to their death. However, MemeMuhSheen was not finished just there – dropping down from their perch to secure a sixth kill from close-range before dropping a bit of trash talk on their opponents.


The stars aligned from r/Overwatch

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Overwatch fans respond

Despite the insane play, one user, posting under the name ShutterBun, wanted to see a little bit more style from the McCree highlight. They added: “Was supremely disappointed you did not ult in midair.”

Another noted how the play would have been ruined had the player not made the smart move to break open the glass in front of them. “Would’ve been kinda awkward if you forgot to melee that glass, nice play though!” they commented.

Comment from discussion The stars aligned.

While the player did not reveal if they had secured the lucrative Play of the Game bragging rights, it clearly had to be one of the best plays of the match and well in with a chance of bagging POTG.


Yet, MemeMuhSheen probably wouldn’t care too much about the post-game highlight considering just how ridiculous the play was regardless.