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Overwatch map editor finally lets players fix Paris and Horizon themselves

Published: 21/Aug/2020 20:50

by Bill Cooney


A new creation mode in the Overwatch Workshop finally allows players to edit the game’s maps with additional walls, platforms, doorways, and more.

Since the very early days of Overwatch, some players have dreamed about being able to build their own maps in the game, and now that finally seems to possible thanks to the Workshop mode.

The “Workshop Map Editor” allows you to build your own ramps, platforms, and walls. You can even cut out parts of walls and surfaces that already exist to create all-new doors and pathways.

Custom-built surfaces in the map editor look like a scene out of some kind of Tron meets Overwatch fever dream, but they honestly do a decent job, once you figure out and realize what you’re looking at.


But building your own floating obstacle course superstructure isn’t all this mode is good for though, you can actually use it to build on top of already existing maps.

Take Paris for example, the first choke there has been a major complaint from players since the map came out, but with the editor, adding more routes is no problem at all.

Suddenly, with a new attacking high ground, and an additional route through on either side of the choke, Paris’s first point becomes a much less daunting task for attackers.

Using Yurodd’s Workshop Map Editor to make drastic changes to Paris first choke (new highground, cut-throughs, ramp up to first highground). from Competitiveoverwatch

What about Horizon Lunar Colony? Well, with a few more high ground options for attacks on the first point, things would become much more interesting for both offense and defense.

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Another demo of Yurodd’s Map Editor – Adding attacker high grounds to Horizon Lunar Colony first point. Try it out yourself! Code: CMND5 from Competitiveoverwatch

Being able to add doors and pathways would definitely allow for improvements to be made by players to both Paris and Horizon’s second points as well. Which are, arguably, much more troublesome for players than either map’s first points.

Only time will tell what kinds of changes to these maps and the rest featured in Overwatch players will make. But, based on the insane amount and variety in Workshop modes the community has turned out over the years, we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes open.