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Overwatch Lucio bug takes spawn camping to a whole new level

Published: 6/Oct/2021 20:58

by Theo Salaun


Spawn camping can be an art form in Overwatch, but a new Lucio bug has turned it into a nightmare. A player accidentally discovered a Havana exploit that allows the healer to go further than any spawn camper ever has.

There are a variety of defensive strategies employed in Overwatch. While most surround holding choke points and high ground, getting in the attackers’ faces is sometimes a fruitful method.

On certain maps, defenders can hold angles that keep opponents from leaving their spawn room. On occasion, especially when time is running out, this is a good way to win the round.


But, as ‘LORDENZO’ discovered, sometimes keeping people from leaving their room isn’t enough. Every once in a while, you need to get in there yourself. And that’s where the Lucio bug comes into play.

Overwatch bug lets Lucio enter enemy spawn rooms

LORDENZO captioned his video “we broke Overwatch today.” And he wasn’t lying, as the Houston Outlaws content creator’s clip showcases a mechanic that is most certainly unintended.

While defending the last point on Havana, LORDENZO uses Sound Barrier right in front of the opposing spawn room. In quick succession, he gets hit with some combination of Doomfist and Reinhardt shenanigans. Less than a moment later, he’s literally inside of the enemy spawn room.


And LORDENZO was just as surprised as we all are: “Wait, guys. I’m in their spawn! I’m in their spawn, what the f**k?”

Overwatch Busan gameplay
Spawn rooms are supposed to be safe havens in Overwatch.

This isn’t the first spawn issue Overwatch has had these past couple weeks. On September 29, players realized there was a bug which would kick players in spawn for inactivity if they didn’t leave soon enough. 

Now, combine that with the possibility of a Lucio entering your spawn and booping you to prevent you from leaving? Recipe for disaster.

It seems like a weird, rare exploit to pull off (might require the Doom or Rein interactions), but it’s still something the devs will want to fix pronto. But, just in case they don’t, feel free to get up close and personal when spawn camping.