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Overwatch League Season One runners-up Philadelphia Fusion make first roster addition

Published: 27/Sep/2018 0:01

by Joe O'Brien


Philadelphia Fusion have announced the addition of support player Elijah ‘Elk’ Hudson Gallagher to their Overwatch League roster.

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Elk has been moved up from Fusion University, Philadelphia’s academy team that won both seasons of Contenders NA this year.

The first addition to the Philadelphia Overwatch League roster in the post-season, Elk fills one of the gaps left by out-going supports Joe ‘Joemeister’ Gramano and Park ‘DayFly’ Jeong-hwan. 

Elk has been signed to a two-way contract, meaning that Philadelphia will also be able to field him in Contenders should they choose to.  Two-way players can also be designated for the Contenders roster, but cannot play in both leagues in the same week.


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While streaming following the announcement, however, Elk stated that he doesn’t expect to compete in Season Three of Contenders.

The Philadelphia Fusion were one of several teams in Season One to run a full twelve-man roster, giving them substitute players and every position and allowing for in-house scrims without having to rely on their Contenders team, which was often competing on a different patch to the Overwatch League.

If the team wishes to replace like-for-like the players that were released after Season One, they’ll be looking to pick up one more Support, and a DPS player to fill the shoes of Georgii ‘ShaDowBurn’ Guscha. If they want to sign free agents, however, they’ll have to wait until after the exclusive window for expansion teams closes on October 7.


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The full Philadelphia Fusion roster:

  • Lee ‘Carpe’ Jae-hyeok
  • Josue ‘Eqo’ Corona’
  • Simon ‘snillo’ Ekström
  • Choi ‘HOTBA’ Hong-jun
  • Gael ‘Poko’ Gouzerch
  • Joona ‘fragi’ Laine
  • Kim ‘SADO’ Su-min
  • Isaac ‘Boombox’ Charles
  • Alberto ‘Neptuno’ González Molinillo
  • Elijah ‘Elk’ Hudson Gallagher