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Overwatch is Increasing Their ‘Avoid as Teammate’ Limit

Published: 1/Sep/2018 20:50 Updated: 1/Sep/2018 21:15

by Vincent Genova


Users will be able to avoid more players as teammates for the 12th Competitive season of Overwatch.

The ‘Avoid as Teammate’ feature will be expanded to three players, effective immediately.

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‘Avoid as Teammate’ is a way for players to self-police their teammates when no serious offense was committed.

If a user did not like playing with someone, for whatever reason, they could simply hit the ‘Avoid as Teammate’ button on that player and they would not be matchmade on the same team for a week.

Overwatch was initially hesitant due to how the feature could impact queue times, so the new action launched with only one available ‘Avoid as Teammate’ slot.


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After initial success in the PTR and no negative impact on matchmaking times, the feature was expanded to include two players in April.

Now, ‘Avoid as Teammate’ is expanding once more to include three players at once.

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Players on your ‘Avoid as Teammate’ list can still appear on the enemy team and are only removed from matching up with you for seven days.

After seven days are up, you can add the player back to your list or replace them.

No disciplinary actions are taken when using the ‘Avoid as Teammate’ feature, so actual abusive behavior should still be reported.


Source: Blizzard