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Overwatch Huli Jing Moira skin concept looks perfect for Lunar event

Published: 5/Feb/2021 13:05

by Lauren Bergin


Every Lunar New Year is celebration time for Overwatch fans. With new skins and cosmetics to treat yourself to, one fan has gone the extra mile and created a skin concept for Moira that channels her inner mischievousness. 

Overwatch’s Lunar Event is a fan favorite. Combining iconic FPS gameplay with an Asian inspired skin line, fans are always keen to get their hands on either the new skins or some that dropped in previous years.

While the Lunar Event will not grant our wish to have WoW’s Valeera Sanguinar enter the Overwatch fray, one fan has helped to curb our disappointment by creating a beautiful mythological skin concept for Moira, the game’s iconic Irish mad scientist.


Based on the Huli Jing, the mischievous nine tailed fox spirit that causes chaos throughout Chinese folklore, we’d love to see this skin in-game.

Moira uses Coalescence
Blizzard Entertainment
Moira trades out her futuristic clothing for something a little more traditional

Lunar New Year Moira skin concept

Shared on the Overwatch Reddit by u/RevenantJade but originally designed by deadfirelord, Huli Jing Moira would make the perfect addition to the Lunar skin lineup.

There are so many nuances in this skin that make it truly stand out from the pack. Electing to transform Moira into the cheeky little fox spirit is perfect considering the animal is known for its bright orange fur and Moira’s hair is the exact same color.

In addition to this, the Huli Jung can be both a negative and a positive omen depending on the situation, much like the Irishwoman herself. Capable of both healing and damage, Moira can both save and slaughter at the same time.


Finally, though, a look at her traditional style robe is all fans need to fall in love with this skin. Designed in gold with white embroidery and pink accents, the color palette comes together beautifully.

lunar event today! for the last of the skins left to be revealed, who are you hoping gets a lunar skin this year? (credits to deadfirelord for moira concept art) from r/Overwatch

Huli Jing Moira is perfect

Not only is it great to see amazing artistry and design, but this skin goes a level beyond that. The character of the Huli Jing mirrors Moira’s personality, showing that a lot of thought has gone into this concept.

Will we ever see the elusive shapeshifter in game? Only time will tell. Until then though, keep an eye out for a nine tailed fox and cross your fingers that they bring good news!