Overwatch's next hero should be this brilliant healer/DPS concept - Dexerto

Overwatch's next hero should be this brilliant healer/DPS concept

Published: 20/Apr/2019 17:24

by Eli Becht


A new Overwatch concept would add a hybrid DPS/Healer hero with some interesting mechanics, although she would definitely need some tweaking if she were ever to become real.

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Since its launch in 2016, Overwatch has been a game that has largely relied on new heroes to keep the community interest and the developers have largely delivered on that idea.

While it may not be as fast as some fans want, Blizzard still supports the game quite well, even three years into its life, with new events, skins and more, but it’s heroes than fans really get excited for.


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Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch’s Bridgette.

Overwatch Hero concept: ‘Echo’

In between getting new heroes, fans will often think of new heroes on their own and use mechanics they think would fit into the game.

Some concepts are pretty poorly done but there are also numerous ones that would feel right at home in the game. We feel like this hero concept would fall somewhere in between that.

The concept, by Overwatch fan u/bcrowson08 would create a new hero called Echo, with the backstory explaining she was created by some of the world’s best scientists.

Echo Hero Concept from r/Overwatch

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Echo concept merges two classes together

If there’s one thing that you can’t take away from Overwatch, it’s that the game has so much lore and backstory for its characters, despite not having a single-player story of any kind.


Echo would be a mix between a DPS hero and a healer, something that would be welcomed into Overwatch as we’ve seen some hybrid heals enter the game lately, such as Bridgette. 

This hero seems pretty standard with her abilities that would buff and heal allies while harming enemies. However, the problem mainly lies with her ultimate as laid out in the concept.

“Ultimate Ability: Worldwide Balance Echo releases an energy wave that goes across the entire map, severely damaging enemies and healing allies”

Blizzard EntertainmentLucio and Mercy, two of the healers in Overwatch.

Damaging enemies across the map seems like it’s a bit much but if it was instead an AoE move and dropped on a heavily contested point, it could significantly shift the tide of a battle.


With some tweaks, we could see this hero becoming a welcome addition to the game but it doesn’t seem like she is ready for the big time just yet.