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Overwatch grapple spot makes Point B Hanamura easy for Wrecking Ball

Published: 19/Feb/2020 19:21

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch’s Wrecking Ball can be one of the hardest heroes in the game to eliminate due to his high mobility, large HP pool, lack of head hitbox, and shields. And as it turns out, this makes him quite the adversary on Hanamura.

Reddit user Tyrudent posted a clip of a grapple spot found on the point of Hanamura B, and it can be very effective while attacking and also, potentially, defending.

By attaching directly to the pillar with the Grapple Claw, Hammond is able to spin to win, gaining top speed and doing fifty damage to every target he hits.


Blizzard Entertainment
Wrecking Ball can be a pain to deal with as a team.

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This is extremely powerful because for about one-quarter of the spin cycle, the hamster is behind natural cover to enemies on the point, prevents the opposing team from getting to the objective and creates a lot of aggro.

As you can see in the clip, Tyrudent is able to get plenty of final blows on the defenders trying to keep point presence and knocks those coming out of the spawn back quite a bit.

The enemy Ana, for instance, gets hit while trying to make it back to the point and then again once she’s on it. The result is two hits dealing 100 damage total, removing half of her life or at the least, forcing the healer to use Bionade on herself, wasting the cooldown for a self-heal.


New place to fireball from Overwatch

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Another thing to keep in mind is how the defender spawn timer works on 2CP maps like Hanamura. The more attackers are on the point, the slower the respawns will be for the defending squad.

Because of this, just getting back to the point is critical for the defense. However, when they keep getting knocked back, they can’t do so.

What’s more is they are often eliminated before they can even touch, thereby completely negating what is normally a respawn advantage.

Blizzard Entertainment
This trick could be even more deadly with Minefield.

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With so many key components about this trick that make it useful, it’s certainly something any aspiring Ball player should incorporate into their game.


Give it a shot and see how far you can climb, especially with Hanamura still part of the map pool.