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Overwatch fans uncover hilarious glitches with new Ashe Deadlock skin

Published: 29/Jun/2021 11:43

by Lauren Bergin


Blizzard’s new Overwatch event, Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge, saw a new skin released for the DPS anti-hero but turns out it’s plagued by some hilarious glitches. 

While Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge is well underway, it’s not exactly getting the best reviews in the world. With fans irritated over Blizzard electing to release this event over a Pride-themed Overwatch extravaganza, the Deadlock Rebel’s event has fallen slightly flat.

Another aspect that’s flat is Ashe’s hairstyle in the 3D rendering of the skin, which has left fans out in the cold. Instead of the flowing silvery locks pictured on the front of the Deadlock Rebels novel, the in-game version sports a poker straight hairstyle.


It turns out that that’s not the only issue with the skin, however. As fans finally start to unlock it, they’re noticing some weird and wonderful glitches with the new cosmetic.

Overwatch Ashe's Deadlock Challenge skin
Blizzard Entertainment
Turns out it’s more than just Ashe’s hairstyle that’s wrong with this skin…

New Ashe skin has some bizarre glitches

As Ashe players descend and unlock the skin, it appears that there are some pretty weird glitches happening with different parts of her body.

One fan has screenshotted a crouching Ashe gazing out over the dusky plains of Petra, the title’s deathmatch map. However, the grandiose of the screenshot is ruined by the fact that her leg has become a bizarre angular mess.

Specifically, her knee comes to a point instead of a natural curvature, and her thighs look as though they’ve been inflated, therefore merging with her calves. Her saddened look has prompted the poster to ask “Ashe, are you okay?”


Overwatch new Ashe skin

In addition to this, another fan has found a vaguely terrifying glitch with her neck. While trying out the ‘Target Practice’ emote, one which is only available during the Summer Games, her neck appears to elongate in order to look down the sights of her shotgun.

While this may just be because her hair is animated to remain on her back, it definitely looks pretty abnormal.

Overwatch Ashe skin glitch

As things appear to go from bad to worse with this skin, it’ll be interesting to see if Blizzard chooses to adjust it.

In the meantime, though, if you plan on rocking Deadlock Ashe in-game then be sure to enjoy meming these fun glitches. After all, “it’s all about life’s little pleasures.”