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Overwatch fans recreate hilarious highlight intros in real life

Published: 24/Oct/2018 21:55 Updated: 24/Oct/2018 22:31

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch has some of the most creative fans out there, and now a group of the game’s fanatics has made some hilarious real-life recreations of in-game highlight intros.

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The heroes that had their highlight intros remade are Ana, Soldier, Bastion, McCree, Reinhardt, Genji, and Widowmaker and they’re all pretty hilarious.

They all feature some pretty impressive acrobatics, too, especially the Bastion intro which has a guy doing a full front flip.

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The award for funniest clip ends up in a tie, though, because the Genji and Widowmaker intros are both absolutely hilarious.


Genji’s intro features credit card shurikens instead of the real thing and Widowmaker’s, well, you just have to watch that one.

IRL Highlight Intros from r/Overwatch

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The group that created these amazing intros have done the same for Super Smash Bros. in the past, but this Overwatch creation might prove to be their best yet.

Overwatch fans have been known to recreate heroes from the game with random things lying around, but this is a whole different level of creativity.