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Overwatch fans create adorable Pachimari Zenyatta skin idea

Published: 13/Mar/2021 22:40

by Bill Cooney


Most Overwatch fans seem to be really enjoying the new Pachimari Roadhog skin that Blizzard decided to grace us with, but a few have already started thinking ahead to what other heroes could rock the look.

Overwatch fans got an unexpected treat with the first-ever PachiMarchi in-game event, the highlight of which is the awesome new Roadhog skin that everyone and their uncle is currently grinding to get if they haven’t unlocked it already.

Mini-events like this are usually a one-and-done type of deal, but there’s no saying we couldn’t get more Pachimari skins in the future. Before the event starring the adorable onion/cephalopod hybrid even started, Reddit user blustarix came up with the idea to basically turn Zenyatta into a floating battle Pachimari.


Zenyatta Pachimari skin rough draft
Blustarix was definitely onto something here.

A few days later, in the midst of the PachiMarchi, another Reddit user named AurumKorat came out with a more refined version of Blustarix’s original vision, and the result is a skin concept you (and Blizzard) have to see.

Zenyatta is now made up entirely of tentacles, similar to his cultist skin, but this time they form together to make his entire body. In place of the head is an adorable Pachimari who, we assume, is now completely in control.

Just imagine how it would feel going up against what is basically a floating Overwatch plushie while batting for the point, or even getting taken out by one. Sign us up.


Pachimari is coming for revenge after years of being smacked around in the Hanamura Arcade.

Like Hog, Zen is decked out in the appropriate apparel, but one of the best details has to be the orbs, which have been replaced with little mini Pachimaris, that we assume would make the same little squeak when they hit someone as they do when someone moves one in-game.

As we said, the chances of Blizzard making PachiMarchi into a recurring seasonal Overwatch event seem pretty slim. But there’s nothing saying we couldn’t get more Pachimari-themed hero skins going forward, so these two Redditors might just be ahead of the curve.