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Overwatch fans are obsessed with new Wrecking Ball changes

Published: 30/Jul/2021 10:37

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch’s recent Experimental Patch sees adorable but deadly tank Wrecking Ball receive a few significant nerfs, but one in particular has been a hit with players. 

As Overwatch continues to evolve, the July 29 update adds some much needed buffs and nerfs to the game’s ecosystem.

With DPS titans like Doomfist and Genji both receiving some love, others such as Roadhog and Wrecking Ball appear to have drawn the short straw.

There’s one specific change to the adorable little hamster, however, that fans are absolutely loving, even if some Wrecking Ball mains are cursing Blizzard.

Wrecking Ball experimental nerfs
Blizzard Entertainment
We all know how it feels to be that Junkrat…

Wrecking Ball Experimental nerf

One of the nerfs to Hammond’s kit is that those frustrating mines he drops with his Ultimate, Minefield, no longer stick to walls.


In a Reddit post clearly displaying the difference between the current game and the experimental patch, we can see the change in action on Ilios’ Lighthouse.

For anyone that has played against a Wrecking Ball, these mines can make or break a fight. Deadly for most squishier characters, a perfectly placed mine drop on the point can lock it off completely, leaving players having to destroy the mines instead of focusing on taking down Hammond’s squad.

Hammond’s mines no longer stick to walls. (Experimental Update) from Overwatch

Wrecking Ball nerf is a hit with Overwatch fans

Despite looking like a pretty huge nerf, this change has been a hit with both Ball mains and his unfortunate victims alike.

“It’s interesting to see the response to this change. I play a lot of Ball, and was actually also relieved to see this change, since I usually don’t get a lot of value from wall mines,” writes one, with another commenter calling the change “a buff to his ult.”


One non-Ball player takes a different stance. “It’s a weird issue, because them sticking to walls would make it harder to use, since it’s harder to predict. On the opposite end, I’ll probably die more to mines on the ground, but at least I won’t feel as cheated. Nothing worse than flying to the ceiling and still somehow dying to a random mine.”

While at first glance this change may look like a negative for Hammond, it appears to be a hit across the board. Honestly, we’re just thankful we won’t keep walking into random mines – the frustration is real.