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Overwatch fan brings back Ana Paintball with Workshop mode

Published: 28/Apr/2019 11:01

by Connor Bennett


An ingenious the introduction of the Workshop.

Players have already been hard at work with their own ideas, conjuring up new heroes, game modes, and even being able to play some of the most iconic games around with incredible Portal and Skyrim additions. Yet, it can also help breathe new life into older modes.

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Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch fans have already created a whole boat load of new content with the Workshop.

‘Enhanced’ Ana Paintball

Ana Paintball has been used as a custom mode in Overwatch before, but thanks to the Workshop, fans are now able to put their own twists on things – enhancing the game type in whatever way they see fit.

That is exactly what Reddit user JinkoNorray has done with ‘Enhanced Ana Paintball,’ adding a number of new features in a bid to improve the original idea. Players are now able to see who is close to victory, who is on fire with their kills and there are also new ways to maneuver around the Eichenwalde map.


However, the mode isn’t all fun and games as there are serious elements included that will help improve your Ana capabilities. Using the scope for longer than needed will stun you and leave you vulnerable to other players. To win the game you’ll need to secure a Sleep Dart kill, which isn’t all too easy – but at least it’s good practice.

Enhanced Ana Paintball mode I made in the workshop! I added jump pads and more! from r/Overwatch

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Fans leave feedback

Other Redditors who have already jumped into the mode have been impressed with what they’ve seen, with other giving feedback with their own posts.

“I love everything about this, especially the stun for hard scoping,” added one commenter.


One user, going by the name SupportPain, added: “I never had any interest in Ana paintball, but this looks really cool, and I love how much thought that’s obviously been put into it. Really well done!”

Paintball one vs one on Eichenwalde may not be as iconic as a one vs one on Rust, but Overwatch players may soon be able to challenge Call of Duty fans in a battle of Quickscopes.

The Workshop has only been available for a few days but it appears as if there is no end in sight for just what fans will come up with next. If you want to jump into the new and improved Ana Paintball mode, you’ll need the code, which is: 89GNT.