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Overwatch dives into Anniversary 2020 with Submarine Wrecking Ball skin

Published: 18/May/2020 20:35

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch’s 2020 Anniversary begins on May 19, and has been revealing some new skins in the lead up to the popular event, with the latest being for Wrecking Ball.

In a short Twitter video, Overwatch showed off Submarine Wrecking Ball, which transforms the ball mech into a neat-looking aqua craft.

With a neat propeller on the back and squid-like logo near its upper body, the artists did a fine job at turning the giant hamster ball into Red October.

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The best part about the skin, however, has to be how Hammond has become the submarine’s captain with the attire and hat to boot.


Now, if only his robotic voice will come with a “Look at me, I’m the captain now” voice line it could be one of the best skins ever.

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Blizzard Entertainment
“Look at me, I’m the captain now.”

“Dive into battle as Submarine Wrecking Ball (Legendary)!” the Overwatch Twitter account wrote while unveiling the skin.

Due to its “legendary” classification, the skin will set players back 3,000 coins, unless they get lucky and pull it in an Anniversary loot box.

Hammond’s isn’t the only special skin revealed for the Anniversary either. Blizzard has also shown off Little Red Ashe (which pays homage to Little Red Riding Hood), the long-awaited Masquerade Reaper, an Aztec-themed Zenyatta, and Dragoon Mercy.


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Blizzard Entertainment
Dragoon Mercy has been a bit controversial.

While the others have been well-received, many were unhappy with the green colors for Dragoon Mercy and made their own versions with blue, red, purple and black.

That said, fans are still excited for the event and to be able to replay classic modes in limited time brawls such as Junkenstein’s Revenge and Lucio Ball.

The 2020 Anniversary Event begins on May 19 and will run until June 9, so fans will have plenty of time to unlock all the neat new cosmetics.