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Overwatch cosplayer spreads Christmas cheer as Winter Wonderland Tracer

Published: 21/Dec/2020 15:32

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch fans are celebrating the season battling it out in the Winter Wonderland event, but one cosplayer has decided to take her Overwatch Christmas spirit to the next level as Tracer. 

Christmas is nearly upon us! The Winter Wonderland event is in full swing, Freezethaw eliminations are happening everywhere and Junkrat is acting like an Elf on the Shelf and stealing all the cookies.

The new Junkrat elf skin mirrors one other skin in the game: Tracer’s elf skin. Speaking of Tracer, it seems like the spunky English time jumper has been left out of the Christmas skin round this year. With the Challenge skins going to Roadhog, Junkrat and Ana, and not a single Legendary skin in sight for the fan favorite hero, Tracer hasn’t been given much love this Christmas.


One cosplayer, however, has arrived to save Overwatch’s Christmas with this adorable take on festive a Tracer who just wants to snuggle up by the fire.

Tracer Elf Skin Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Tracer’s Elf skin is super cute, but this cosplayer has made festive Tracer even more adorable!

Cosplayer creates a snuggly festive Tracer

Italian cosplayer YuukiWeasley took to Instagram to show off her much more chill holiday version Tracer.

Sporting Tracer’s iconic spiked hair and lovable attitude, Yuuki is seen donning a fluffy brown dressing gown trimmed with white. Designed to look like a military style jacket reminiscent of Tracer’s flying jacket, Yuuki has managed to create a unique version of Tracer that still channels her traits.

A second photo features a similar image, but the attached video sees Yuuki literally embodying our favorite English hero. With a cheeky little wink and an adorable peace sign, you can imagine Tracer sitting at the Watchpoint with a cup of cocoa doing exactly that for swathes of Instagram fans.


It would be nice to see a more chill skin in game. It reminds players that, at their heart, these characters are human. Tracer is pure innocence and happiness, and this cosplay reaffirms it. Maybe’ll we’ll see a casual Christmas look for her in the future, but until then Yuuki’s doing an amazing job!