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Overwatch caster chugs an entire bottle of maple syrup before Canada match

Published: 4/Nov/2018 3:34 Updated: 4/Nov/2018 3:46

by Vincent Genova


Team Canada was handing out bottles of maple syrup and gift baskets to their opponents at the Overwatch World Cup.

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Josh ‘Sideshow’ Wilkinson had one of the the syrup bottles as an example and was joking about Canada poisoning their opponents with it.

While waiting for Canada’s match with China to start, fellow host Goldenboy dared Josh to drink it, and surprisingly, he chugged the entire thing.

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He did not need much convincing, saying “oh go on then” to himself before downing the bottle.

The hosts could not believe what they were seeing and things almost got worse when Sideshow appeared to have trouble keeping the syrup down.


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Thankfully, the maple syrup did not come back up live on stream and the Canadian fans lost their minds cheering for the syrup drinking ability.

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Sideshow decided to go against Team Canada based on his experience with their gift, correctly picking China in an upset.

Canada would rebound in their next match and defeat U.K. in a thrilling, five map match to take home the bronze medal.

Since South Korea winning gold was a predictable outcome, Sideshow vs a bottle of syrup was one of the more intriguing matchups of the weekend.