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Crazy Overwatch bug ejects D.Va into the sky on Hanamura

Published: 16/Mar/2020 5:36

by Brad Norton


An absurd Overwatch glitch is launching D.Va players sky-high on Hanamura due to an awkward Ultimate interaction on Point A.

D.Va is known for being one of the most mobile Tank heroes in Overwatch. Capable of boosting her way in and out of a point, or contesting high-ground with ease, the character is more than capable of battling it out in the skies.

However, a stunning glitch on Hanamura is taking D.Va to the next level and launching her higher than she’s ever been before.

Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va gained a brand new perspective on Hanamura thanks to this odd bug.

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Midway through a random Mystery Heroes match on March 15, ‘Piers’ was in a firefight on the first objective and decided to focus on a nearby Mercy.


Boosting towards them, they were taken out of their mech as the hero collided with the ceiling. Rather than simply ejecting and landing on the capture point itself, the player glitched well out of bounds and was sent flying higher than ever before.

While soaring through the sky, they were able to view Hanamura from an entirely new perspective, taking in the sprawling cityscape and seeing just how much of the map is rendered in the distance.

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Falling back into the map, they glitched below the playable elevation and died instantly, likely confusing both their teammates and the opposing squad.


There’s no telling exactly how this awkward glitch came to be, though it’s likely D.Va ejected from her mech and accidentally phased into the ceiling. Rather than staying stuck, the game tried to reset the hero in a safe space.

Fortunately, it occurred in a casual match and not the competitive ladder. With 90 seconds still on the clock, there’s a good chance that their team was able to turn things around and pull out the win regardless of how the game might have been working against them in the moment.

Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va is seemingly the only hero that is capable of this bizarre glitch.

Blizzard is yet to address the issue despite the player stumbling upon two-year-old forum posts outlining a very similar D.Va glitch.


While it’s unlikely to impact your games soon, it seems D.Va may be able to get a better look at a number of Overwatch maps if this bug can be replicated.