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Overwatch Brigitte cancer awareness skin concept rivals pink Mercy

Published: 23/Sep/2021 16:08 Updated: 23/Sep/2021 16:14

by James Busby


Pink Mercy is one of the most iconic Overwatch skins to ever release in Blizzard’s team-based shooter, but one fan has created a similar skin for Brigitte that rivals the original. 

Overwatch’s pink Mercy skin was released back in 2018 as part of a special event set up alongside the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. All proceeds from this event went to the BCRF, giving Overwatch players the chance to raise money for a great cause. Despite the huge success surrounding the charity skin, Mercy’s iconic pink cosmetic has yet to return. 

This obviously comes as a disappointment for Overwatch fans, particularly those that unfortunately missed the limited-time charity event. Fortunately, one fan has taken the matter into their own hands and created an entirely different spin on Mercy’s beautiful charity skin. 


Overwatch fan creates Breast Cancer Awareness Brigitte

Pink Mercy Overwatch skin
Blizzard Entertainment
Pink Mercy is one of the rarest cosmetics in Overwatch.

Overwatch skin concept artist amandazerepp has created a pink skin for fellow support hero, Brigitte. The concept features a similar style to the pink Mercy skin, transforming the stalwart squire’s yellow armor into a gorgeous baby pink. 

The bulkiness of her breastplate and vambraces have been reduced, giving Brigitte a more light and elegant armor set. Both her flag and club also share this pink color scheme, while her shield’s lion has been converted into a goat. 

PINK BRIGETTE! In light of Breast Cancer Awareness month coming up in October, here is this skin concept i made. I wanted to make this skin match mercy’s pink skin:) hope y’all like it ^~^ from Overwatch

Even Brigitte’s headpiece has been converted into a Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon, which can also be seen on her club. In the Reddit thread dedicated to the skin, amandazerepp explained why they made this concept and what inspired them. 


“I wanted to make something meaningful and [create] a skin that matches Mercy’s pink skin,” said amandazerepp. “I have a coworker who is a breast cancer survivor and she feels as though a ram best represents how she deals with the struggles of life. This was inspired by her, and I feel as though having Brigitte match with Mercy is the best idea for a skin like this.”

Whether Blizzard will ever bring back the pink Mercy skin remains to be seen, but this Brigitte fan concept certainly proves how talented the Overwatch community truly is.