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Overwatch Analyst Jayne Criticizes YouTuber Stylosa for Shallow Analysis

Published: 14/Jun/2018 5:12 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:05

by Joe O'Brien


Overwatch analyst and Team Canada coach Jayne has criticized the oversimplification in analysis of professional play by some commenters, highlighting YouTuber Stylosa in particular.

Jayne reviewed some of Stylosa’s comments about the recent London Spitfire versus Dallas Fuel match, criticizing the simplicity of the analysis and highlighting statements that were left unexplained or unjustified.

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The review served to illustrate a more general point about the failure of many commentators to appreciate the capacity of Overwatch League teams when offering criticism.

He argues that suggestions, for instance, that professional teams fail to understand basic concepts are naïve in the face of the talent of both the players and coaches on the teams, and that such criticisms overlook the deeper intricacies of what is actually happening in the game in favor of a shallower take.


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Jayne primarily directed his frustrations at Stylosa’s suggestions that London Spitfire’s recent struggles can be reduced to a simple failure to grasp that “Brigitte counters dive comps”. Stylosa himself actually works with the London Spitfire, but was less than complimentary about their performance against Dallas.

Jayne clarified in a later statement that he typically enjoys Stylosa’s content, and recognizes that the two target a different niche – Jayne takes a far more in-depth approach, while Stylosa appeals to a more general audience – but felt that his comments in this instance didn’t do justice to the London Spitfire.