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New Overwatch Storm Rising teaser hints at upcoming heroes

Published: 8/Apr/2019 21:11 Updated: 8/Apr/2019 21:33

by Bill Cooney


A teaser released on Monday, April 8 for Confirming previous leaks, Storm Rising will begin on April 16 and feature Tracer, Genji, Mercy and Winston in what is hopefully a new PvE mission.

The location of the Storm Rising mission appears to be a new map in Havana, Cuba, based on the hints from Overwatch so far and a new travel poster that has appeared in the attacking spawn of Numbani.

u/KaraheAll signs seem to point to Havana for the next new map.
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Two new heroes?

The clue from Monday, April 8, is an audio recording for Jack Morrison AKA Soldier: 76 from someone simply named “Sojourn.”

Sojourn hasn’t been mentioned in Overwatch before, so we have no idea what they look like or anything else about them. But if they’re giving orders to Soldier we can probably assume they’re one of Overwatch’s higher ups.


While we have no idea what Sojourn looks like, the other character mentioned, Maximilian, has been around in passing since 2017.

Players still have no idea about Maximilian’s role in Talon or anything else about the character. So far the only thing known about him is that he resembles an evil Zenyatta, based off the player icon that was available during Retribution, his appearance in the “Masquerade” comic from July of 2017 and a shot of him in Moira’s origin story video.

Blizzard EntertainmentMaximilian featured in the middle to the left of Reaper.[ad name=”article3″]

Coming soon or “Blizzard soon”?

After the latest Storm Rising update, we now know that Maximilian is working as Doomfist’s accountant and he has some role to play in the upcoming PvE mission for 2019.


Maximilian seems to have been a background character for quite awhile, so whether or not he, or the mysterious Sojourn, will ever be made into playable heroes remains to be seen.

Another character, Echo, was introduced in the Reunion cinematic at BlizzCon 2018 before Baptiste was eventually released a few months later.

If Blizzard does plan on making Maximilian and Sojourn into heroes, players may have a while to wait.