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New Overwatch map Busan is now available in competitive play

Published: 26/Sep/2018 21:01 Updated: 26/Sep/2018 21:21

by Joe O'Brien


The latest addition to the Overwatch map pool, Busan, is now available in competitive play.

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Busan is a control map that was first revealed alongside the “Shooting Star” D.Va animated short. The map offers a diverse group of control points, with settings in a traditional sanctuary, downtown Busan, and the MEKA base as seen in Shooting Star.

The map might be a futuristic take on the city as imagined by Blizzard for the world of Overwatch, but it does feature authentic sounds recorded in the real Busan. 

As with all new map releases, there was a delay between Busan’s arrival on the live servers and its addition to competitive play. As of September 25, however, the new map has joined the competitive rotation.


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Competitive players should be warned, however, that there have been reports of a bug on Busan that allows Sombra to get under the map, at which point they cannot be killed. A fix for the issue is currently on the PTR, but hasn’t reached the live servers yet.

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That isn’t the only bug that’s been found on Busan, although it is the most significant to gameplay. Players have also noted that in certain locations, Moira’s Biotic Orbs can travel through the corners of walls.