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New Overwatch hero Sigma confirmed for OWL 2019 Playoffs – postseason schedule and details

Published: 25/Jul/2019 23:17 Updated: 25/Jul/2019 23:51

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch’s newest hero Sigma will be available in OWL for the season playoffs, which will include the play-in tournament at the end of stage 4. 

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The Overwatch League also confirmed that the play-in tournament, as well as the playoffs, will be played on Patch 1.39

Patch 1.39 includes several hero changes including a massive Brigitte rework to make her stronger in a 2-2-2 setting as a support hero. 

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The patch also gives Reinhardt a new passive called Steadfast that reduces knockback effects by 30%.

Additionally, there are key nerfs to Hanzo, Sombra, and Orisa. 

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The play-in tournament, which features the 7-12 seeds at the end of the regular season will begin on Friday, August 30 with the 9th seed vs the 12th seed and the 10th seed vs the 11th seed.

Teams will play a first-to-four series with the higher-seeded team selecting the first map and the loser selecting each subsequent map thereafter. 

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From there, on August 31, the lowest remaining seed will play the 7th ranked team and the highest will play the 8th for a chance to qualify for the season playoffs. 

The season playoffs will be an eight-team double-elimination bracket with the same rules as the play-in. They will last from Thursday, September 5 and will conclude with the Grand Finals on Sunday, September 29. 


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All playoff matches, with the exception of the Grand Finals, will take place at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles. The Grand Finals will be held at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. 

Whoever wins the Championship will take home $1.1 million while second place will earn a mere $600,000. 

Stage 4 of the Overwatch League’s second season begins July 25.