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New Overwatch custom game lets Doomfist live his parkour dreams

Published: 20/Jan/2021 17:35

by Lauren Bergin


One of the features that makes Overwatch such a fun game are the countless number of custom modes created by the title’s players. This mode, nicknamed ‘Doom Parkour’ lets you dart around Blizzard World as Doomfist and live your wall running fantasy. 

There are a lot of things to love about Overwatch. The characters, the lore and the global locations each have their own respective charm, but one of the things fans love the most is the custom game mode.

This allows players to create (within reason) their own awesome game modes either based on pure imagination or, in some cases, other games. We’ve seen Genji become a challenger in Smash Bros, and the iconic Among Us transformed in true Overwatch style.


A new game has surfaced though, and it lets Doomfist mains live our their parkour fantasy or, alternatively, have a go of playing the floor is lava in Blizzard World.

Blizzard Entertainment
Doomfist is a love him/hate him style character, but this custom game looks awesome!

Doom Parkour sounds pretty fun

A recent mode created by u/wishp0ds rewards fans for making sure that movements are quick and snappy.

Not only does it pose a huge challenge for Doomfist mains because it’s a pretty difficult task in itself, but it’s a great way for DPS players to practice the infamous Nigerian villain. It helps you train your rollouts and gives you a great excuse to work out some awesome combos.


Also, if you look past the technicalities it’s just a lot of fun to zoom around the map and flex on your friends at how quick your times are and how cool your mix of abilities is.

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Doom Parkour PB 16.02 Blizzard World! Code: 29Y0P from r/Overwatch

For fans that fancy a go at this little challenge, the code is 29Y0P. Not only is it a pretty fun game to try out solo, playing with friends and other players is a pretty fun option too. After all, Doomfist plays are always about the flex right, so draft in your mates and give it a go!