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Learn to Play Mercy with Tips from Philadelphia Fusion Support neptuNo

Published: 30/Aug/2018 12:58 Updated: 30/Aug/2018 12:59

by Joe O'Brien


Philadelphia Fusion support ‘neptuNo’ has given some tips for playing Mercy.

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Mercy has been one of Overwatch’s key heroes for most of the game’s history. Through various iterations, the sheer healing output that Mercy is capable of, and the power of her Resurrection, have made her vary between viable and outright essential.

As a result, being able to play Mercy well is a valuable skill for all Overwatch players, and an essential one for anyone who plays as a main support.

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Though on the surface Mercy is one of the game’s simpler heroes, mastering her is still no easy task. While not mechanically demanding, Mercy is a hero that requires impeccable positioning and decision-making to play well, and mistakes can be disastrous.


Mercy featured heavily throughout the Overwatch League, and neptuNo earned a reputation as one of the best players on the hero. Particularly noted for his unusual propensity for scoring eliminations, and for his talent in identifying and pulling off daring resurrections, there are none better qualified to give Mercy tips.

When asked by a fan for advice on playing the hero, neptuNo put together a quick list of tips. While fairly short and not going into great depth, neptuNo’s tips sum up the key fundamentals of Mercy play for those looking to learn or improve with the hero.