L.A. Gladiators Surefour seems to be getting the hang of Overwatch's new hero, Ashe - Dexerto

L.A. Gladiators Surefour seems to be getting the hang of Overwatch’s new hero, Ashe

Published: 7/Nov/2018 0:18 Updated: 8/Oct/2020 17:18

by Bill Cooney


Since her release to the PTR on November 5, Overwatch players have been trying out Ashe, the game’s newest hero, and some, like Overwatch League pro Lane ‘Surefour’ Roberts, seem to be getting the hang of her pretty quickly.

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While defending on Volskaya, Surefour is on Ashe and decides to get to work on the enemy team as they push towards point.

With a couple of shots, he takes down the enemy Ana before reloading and turning to face towards the point.

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Zenyatta falls next, quickly followed by Winston, Surefour then boosts himself up with the Coach Gun before taking out an encroaching Genji.


While flying through the air, he takes a moment to eliminate the enemy Widowmaker above the point with a great dynamite shot, before taking out another Ana dancing on point.

Surefour’s response of “That was kinda POG,” pretty much sums up one of the most impressive plays we’ve seen so far with Ashe.

Ashe, and her Omnic sidekick B.O.B., were introduced during the BlizzCon opening ceremony in the new McCree “Reunion” short.