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Jeff Kaplan Reveals More Details About New Overwatch Map “Petra”

Published: 16/May/2018 21:27 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 15:57

by Joe O'Brien


The latest Overwatch developer update talks about the upcoming Overwatch Anniversary event.

Anniversary is the next in-game event for Overwatch, celebrating the two-year anniversary of the game’s release. The event will begin on May 22nd and run through to June 11th.

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The latest Developer Update from Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan runs through various details of the event, including revealing a little more information about the mysterious upcoming Deathmatch map “Petra”.

Little is known about the map beyond its name, but Kaplan states that it will include areas suitable for all types of heroes and a brand-new “mega health pack” at its center. Petra will feature alongside Chateau as the map set for the ranked Competitive playlist for free-for-all Deathmatch that will be available during the Anniversary event.


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Kaplan also hinted at one of the legendary skins that would feature in the event, suggesting a much-requested “formal wear” skin for one male hero would be included. Fans have speculated that this could be “Tuxedo Doomfist”, although it’s not beyond Blizzard to pull a twist with such hints.

In addition to marking the two-year anniversary of the game, it seems Blizzard also has another reason to celebrate, as Kaplan revealed that Overwatch has now passed 40 million players.

Full information on the upcoming event can be found in the video: