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Insane Wrecking Ball techniques will help you rank up fast in Overwatch

Published: 30/Jan/2020 18:38

by Joe O'Brien


Top-ranked Wrecking Ball player ‘Ball’ demonstrated exactly what Overwatch’s resident hamster is capable of when you’ve mastered his most effective techniques.

Ball is an extremely high-ranked Overwatch player who specializes in playing Wrecking Ball, after whom his account is named.

As an expert on perhaps the most unique tank hero in the game, Ball is able to pull off some incredible plays against some of the top Overwatch players in the world, and he’s put together a montage that any aspiring Wrecking Ball player could learn from.

Blizzard Entertainment
Wrecking Ball is perhaps the most mobile hero in Overwatch.

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Ball makes fantastic use of the double knockback technique with Wrecking Ball, which allows the hero to send enemies flying much further than they might expect, catching them off guard with environmental kills even when they seem a safe distance away from a fall.


After knocking back an opponent once, Wrecking Ball will not be able to do so again if he maintains momentum. However, by neutralizing his momentum just enough to reset the knockback and then speeding forward again, he can get in a quick double hit that can launch opponents incredibly far.

In addition to showing off the potential that techniques like this have, Ball’s montage also demonstrates a variety of common locations at which enemies can often be caught out. For example, attackers coming around the first corner of Dorado can actually be knocked all the way off of the map, despite seemingly being too far away to be vulnerable.


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Ball’s montage includes not only his own perspective of highlight plays, but also the perspective – and reaction – of many of his victims, demonstrating just how difficult it can be to counter a well-timed Wrecking Ball dive.

With the game’s recent meta having been largely dominated by shield heroes in the tank position, such as Sigma and Orisa, Ball demonstrates that with mastery over the necessary abilities and techniques, Wrecking Ball’s unique skillset and mobility can still be incredibly impactful no matter what composition he’s playing against.