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Insane Overwatch trick lets Zarya fly on Oasis

Published: 3/Feb/2020 9:14

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player showed off an insane flanking route with Zarya that uses the Oasis cars to fly onto the control point.

Former Overwatch pro Riley ‘Fahzix’ Taylor showed off a trick that uses Zarya’s ‘rocket jump’ technique to launch herself off of the cars running along the side of the City Center point and over the buildings into the middle.

‘Rocket jumping’ is a technique that uses the slight knockback from a hero’s own weapon – in Zarya’s case her secondary fire – to give a slight boost to a jump. It appears, however, that this extra momentum is amplified by the momentum of the surface off of which it’s rebounding.


Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Zarya can use her alternate fire to get a slight boost when jumping.

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As a result, when used with the right timing, a rocket jump off of one of the speeding cars in Oasis City Center launches Zarya into the air, carrying her up onto the high roof of the buildings surrounding the control point, from where she can rocket jump again to reach the other side.

It’s not currently clear whether this trick is exclusive to Zarya, although it’s possible that other heroes who can perform a ‘rocket jump’ of some kind, such as Soldier: 76, might also be able to use it.

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Of course, attempting to make this play does come with quite a lot of risk. If you don’t get the timing quite right, you’ll be run over by the vehicle and instead be taking a quick trip back to the spawn room. It’s certainly not the sort of thing you’ll want to try for the first time at a key point in a real game.


Nevertheless, it might be worth practicing in a private match for Zarya players, especially those who like to have as many tricks up their sleeve as possible. If nothing else, learning this trick might be worth it for the reaction of the enemy team as they try to figure out what just hit them if you ever pull it off.