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Insane Overwatch movement trick lets heroes escape death when dived

Published: 21/Jan/2021 21:12

by Michael Gwilliam


Being a support hero without a traditional movement ability in Overwatch can be a nightmare whenever dive tanks reign supreme. Luckily, there is a trick that anyone can perform to get out of trouble and avoid death if you have the skills to pull it off.

Heroes such as Ana and Zenyatta are extremely vulnerable to being swarmed by enemy teams and overwhelmed. Due to their low mobility and health pools, positioning has to be key.

Still, that doesn’t mean that positioning can guarantee your survival, especially when you get dived by tanks. Making use of a little-known trick, however, can help even the odds and even make the enemy waste valuable cooldowns.


Boston Uprising support Sang-min ‘Myunb0ng’ Seo showcased this unorthodox movement technique for Ana in a ranked game on Dorado.

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While defending the first point high ground, the player got dove on by an enemy Winston. Instead of panicking and probably losing his life, the pro recognized where the monkey would be landing, walked to the edge of the high ground and jumped.

Normally, this would have just sent Ana to the ground below where she would have just been eliminated anyway, but Myunb0ng was able to use the enemy Winston’s momentum against him and get to the other side of the high ground area.


In general, a trick against a Winston leaping at you is to move away from them so you get knocked back more and out of their Tesla Cannon range. The closer you are to the Winston, however, the less knockback there is.

So, by going to the ledge and jumping at the same time the Winston used his Jump Pack, Myunb0ng was able to travel to safety.

By the same token, while this trick applies to supports or other heroes, Winston mains should take into account where they land when diving a target just so they don’t end up inadvertently helping the enemy they’re trying to take down.


Next time you’re in a ranked match, be sure to remember this trick and it could end up saving your life.