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Dynamite Overwatch clips show why Ashe is the most underrated DPS hero

Published: 14/Jan/2020 22:41 Updated: 14/Jan/2020 22:45

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch hero Ashe was revealed at BlizzCon 2018 as a DPS combination of McCree and Ana. While she hasn’t received a lot of action by pros on the highest levels of play, she may actually be the most underrated hero in the game.

Twitch streamer and console top 500 player “Warn” recently created a montage that shows why Ashe is capable of getting big value if she lands her dynamite ability.

The hero has the option to shoot dynamite she throws, thereby causing it to do big damage to all enemies in a radius of the explosion. Skilled players, such as Warn, can shoot the dynamite right as it’s above an enemy tank’s shield, completely negating the barrier’s usefulness.


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Dynamite is also one of the deadliest abilities in the game if it lands. The explosion itself does a maximum of 75 damage and has a burn effect that does 20 damage per second for five seconds.

This means that if an enemy is hit with the explosion and suffers the lingering burn damage, their health is dropping by a whopping 175 HP. – and that’s per enemy, not counting any sort of damage modifiers such as Mercy’s damage boost, Zenyatta’s Discord Orb or Orisa’s SuperCharger.

As Warn shows throughout the entire montage, landing these big dynamite throws can secure team fight victories in an instant, and help Ashe get more ultimate charge so she can use B.O.B.


Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Ashe hasn’t gotten much love at the pro level. Is that about to change?

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Perhaps the most staggering thing about the video is the fact that Warn plays on PlayStation and doesn’t use any third-party peripherals that allow for mouse and keyboard use, showing off his skills with a DS4 controller.

Of course, you still need the aim to make the magic happen and securing those dynamite plays may take a bit of practice. Once you do, though, that’s when the magic can happen.

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With shields in Overwatch nerfed, it will be fun to see if Ashe can finally get her place in the meta – and maybe fans can even witness stunning plays with the hero in Contenders and the Overwatch League.


Season 3 of the Overwatch League begins Saturday, February 8 with matches in Dallas and New York.