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How to fix Overwatch’s annoying Hero Select bug

Published: 14/May/2019 20:38 Updated: 14/May/2019 20:50

by Bill Cooney


The well-known bug on Overwatch’s Hero Select screen that deselects heroes has been driving players crazy, but there’s an easy way to fix it.

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When players select and lock in a hero before the match begins, sometimes instead of spawning, the hero select will simply deselect the character they wanted to pick.

Besides just being annoying, some players have found when they went to reselect their hero, another player had taken them already.

Blizzard EntertainmentUnfortunately there can only be one Hanzo per team, unless you’re in no limits.
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What’s the fix?

Besides just quickly reselecting the hero you had, players on PC can also just hit the ESC key, which automatically picks the character you have highlighted and exits the hero selection screen.


So instead of getting in chat and asking nicely for your teammate to please switch off Hanzo after you lost him, you can now just hit ESC as soon as the pregame timer goes to zero.

The glitch got more notice when Baptiste came out because everyone wanted to play the new hero and the Hero Select Chaos was making it a free-for-all.

Complaints about the bug seem to have died down along with the new hero hype but it’s still happening, luckily Blizzard is aware of the problem.

Don’t let the Hero Select bug slow you down.
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When should players expect this?

Blizzard has listed the hero select bug in their “Known Issues” list for the current patch, so we’ll likely see a fix in the next patch.


Besides a new patch, players are also looking forward to the upcoming Anniversary event, which usually begins sometime in late May, potentially following the All-Stars promotion, which ends on May 22.

Along with the Anniversary event will be a ton of new skins, including a new D.Va skin that Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan said previously would “break the internet.”

Besides some fascinating theories about a Heroes of the Storm skin and a possible K-Pop tie-in, we don’t have anything concrete on the new D.Va skin.

With the All-Star promotion ending on May 22, some fans are saying the Anniversary event could begin soon after, but Blizzard has so far been tight-lipped about when the next event starts.