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Former Overwatch pro explains how caffeine can improve your aim

Published: 11/Mar/2021 3:51 Updated: 11/Mar/2021 4:39

by Brad Norton


Does caffeine actually improve your performance in FPS titles? Former Overwatch League talent Dusttin ‘Dogman’ Bowerman explains how caffeine helped improve his aim at the professional level.

When it comes to FPS titles like Overwatch, aim is typically one of the biggest factors. While certain Tank and Support heroes can get by without the need of being precise, a majority of characters in Blizzard’s 2016 release demand a sharp aim.

But what can you actually do to improve your aim over time? Some might turn to aim-trainers while others might just grind their hero of choice for hours on end. However, caffeine is often a popular alternative.


Having competed at the highest level for more than a year with the Atlanta Reign, Bowerman recently explained the impact caffeine can have on your aim.

Dogman playing Overwatch
Blizzard / Overwatch League
Dogman competed in Overwatch for five years.

“Does caffeine impact your aim and does it make you better? Yes,” the former OWL pro answered in a March 10 YouTube video. 

“Caffeine does impact you in a positive way for the most part. If you’re looking at how to improve your aim, coffee will do it.” Though there is a limit to just how impactful it can be.

“It doesn’t push you over the top,” he said. “If your aim is already bad, it’s just something you have to practice at and something you get better at over time.”


“If you’re looking at caffeine to just improve your aim, yes it will, but I don’t think it will be able to push you to the pro level. If you want to be 10x better, you just need to put in the work.”

So while caffeine can make you a little sharper on the day, it’s not going to outright boost your rank in any competitive FPS. Whether you’re a McCree main in Overwatch or trying to reach Radiant in Valorant, you’ll still need a good foundation to build off in the first place.

One factor that contributes more to pro-level aim is sleep, according to Bowerman. “Sleep is the most important thing when it comes to aim and improving your game,” he explained.


A few cups of coffee might help your aim in the moment, but nothing beats a solid night of rest, according to Bowerman.