Houston Outlaws' Jake inflicts the caster curse on Australia's Trill at the Overwatch World Cup Bangkok Qualifier - Dexerto

Houston Outlaws’ Jake inflicts the caster curse on Australia’s Trill at the Overwatch World Cup Bangkok Qualifier

Published: 15/Sep/2018 3:49

by Joe O'Brien


Houston Outlaws DPS Jacob ‘Jake’ Lyon was on the other end of the “caster curse” at the Overwatch World Cup Bangkok Qualifier.

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The caster curse is when a commentator highlights something about a player or team, usually complementary, shortly before something occurs that contradicts the praise.

An example might be a caster praising a player’s mechanical abilities shortly before they miss an easy shot, although perhaps the ultimate instances of the caster curse are when the player’s subsequent misfortune is beyond their control, playing into the idea that the caster’s praise cursed them.

As an Overwatch League player, Jake is typically at risk of being on the receiving end of the caster curse, but for the Overwatch World Cup he’s been appearing on the broadcast side of the event, teaming up with Contenders NA caster Andrew ‘ZP’ Rush to commentate parts of the tournament.


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Jake is currently part of the commentary team for the Bangkok Qualifier, where six teams are battling for just two spots at the BlizzCon playoffs, which will take place November 3-4. During the match between Australia and Thailand, he found himself inflicting the caster curse on Australia’s unfortunate main tank, Ashley ‘Trill’ Powell.

Just as Jake was commenting on the Australian team’s faith in Trill as one of the best tanks in the world, Thailand’s Pongphop ‘Mickie’ Rattanasangchod came through with a Brigitte Whip Shot to knock Trill off of the map for an uncontested elimination.


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Fortunately for Overwatch players and fans alike, Jake will not be cursing too many more competitors as he will be returning to the server as a player for the Houston Outlaws in Season Two of the Overwatch League.