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Game-breaking Overwatch bug lets players shoot through walls on Kanezaka

Published: 27/Jan/2021 5:33 Updated: 27/Jan/2021 5:34

by Brad Norton


The latest map in Overwatch has a game-breaking issue as players have found ways to break out of Kanezaka for the easiest kills possible.

While the new location is the first new map in almost two years, it hasn’t come without issues. Kanezaka was only just released on January 12 but players are already uncovering some devastating problems on the map. 

Exclusive to the Deathmatch game type, the map layout is designed for fast-paced action rather than objective play. With that in mind, positioning is everything. Getting the jump on your enemies could lead to a swift victory.

Unfortunately, certain players have taken that approach to an all-new level by breaking out of the map. A powerful glitch spot on Kanezaka is allowing for free eliminations so here’s what you need to look out for.


Why is there a Hanzo in the wall, Jeff? from Overwatch

“Why is there a Hanzo in the wall?” Reddit user ‘Zedjestic’ asked in a January 26 post. While cruising through the new map as McCree, they were knocked down by an opposing Hanzo sticking out of a wall. 

All that could be seen was Hanzo’s bow and a single hand glitching through the surface. Returning fire was near impossible as his hitbox was out of view. 

It turns out Hanzo isn’t the only hero that can make their way to this spot either. A similar video from Reddit user ‘pizza2791’ reveals the exact pathing to break out of the map. Jumping through to that particular broken wall is just the beginning, however.


Through this glitch, you can just about fly through any terrain, glitch through any building, and entirely break free from the boundaries of the map.

Pharah Out of Map Kanezaka from Overwatch

Given how Kanezaka is the newest addition to Overwatch, it’s going to be the most popular pick for Deathmatch for a good while. This means you’ll need to look out for players trying to use this exploit to their advantage.

It doesn’t look like there’s any way to damage heroes inside the terrain, not even with ultimate, so your best bet is to just avoid the area altogether.