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Forsen claims 2-2-2 Role Lock is too late to save Overwatch

Published: 24/Jul/2019 20:37 Updated: 5/May/2020 17:29

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch’s new 2-2-2 Role Queue system is finally on the PTR after being one of the most-requested features from the community since the game’s release, but popular Twitch streamer Sebastian ‘Forsen‘ Fors thinks the change is too late to make a difference.

Role Lock was released to the PTR on July 18 and a lot of players think it’s one of the biggest changes to happen to Overwatch since the game was released in 2016.

Even though the reception has generally been positive, there are some out there who wonder why the Overwatch team didn’t implement the new system (that most players seemed to want) sooner.


Blizzard EntertainmentRole Lock allows players to choose tank, support or DPS when they queue up for games.

“That should have happened years ago”

Forsen, who made his name playing Starcraft and Hearthstone, is no stranger to Blizzard games and found out about the new Role Lock during a recent stream.

“The fuck is ‘2-2-2 Role Lock?” Forsen asked his chat. “Oh, is that like League [of Legends] has? Where they have picking phases or..?”

Blizzard EntertainmentForsen is convinced Role Lock arrived too late to resurrect Overwatch.

At first it seemed like Forsen was about to praise Blizzard for implementing such a bold, new system into Overwatch, but the streamer obviously had other ideas.


“Ohh that is… way too late to save the game,” Forsen laughed. “That is way too late, that should have happened years ago man, that should have happened years ago.”

Forsen isn’t alone with this idea, there are plenty of Overwatch fans who think Role Queue should have been rolled out much earlier in an attempt to fix the game’s Competitive play.

When will we see 2-2-2 released from PTR?

It’s tough to say when the new 2-2-2 Role Lock will make its way from the PTR to the main game and console, but we do know that the Overwatch League will be using it for Stage 4, which begins on Thursday, July 25.


Seeing as how Role Lock has only been on the PTR for about a week, it’s unlikely that the rest of us will get 2-2-2 at the same time as the Overwatch League pros do.

But, Thursday is an update day for the game and it seems like Jeff and the Overwatch team have been rolling out new content at a breakneck pace (for Blizzard), so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Whether or not 2-2-2 actually came too late to ‘save’ Overwatch remains to be seen, but the new system is definitely one of the biggest changes to ever happen to the game.