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Overwatch Player Shows Another Way to Make the Most of the New Symmetra Teleporter

Published: 9/Jun/2018 4:47 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:04

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player showed off another creative way of using Symmetra’s new teleporter to catch the enemy off guard.

Symmetra recently received a major rework which is currently being tested on the Overwatch PTR. Arguably the most significant change is the move of Teleporter from an Ultimate to a regular ability.

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The new Teleporter naturally isn’t as powerful in some ways – it has less health, and it now sets the entrance where Symmetra is rather than in the spawn room, so it can’t be used to eliminate long runs back in the same way.

The changes do allow for a lot more versatility with the ability, however, capable of creating pathways around the map to Symmetra’s design and usable with much greater frequency.

Players caught on pretty quickly to the applications of one of the new features of the teleporter – that it can now transport certain types of ultimates as well as players – by using it to drop exploding D.Va mechs into the back lines.

Overwatch player DPSMercy showed off another possibility while playing as Reinhardt. After facing an enemy Reinhardt in the classic stand-off, DPSMercy spun around and charged away from his opposite number – right into a teleporter that placed him behind his opponent, catching him off guard and leaving the rest of the enemy team suddenly defenseless.

The new Symmetra seems set to add a whole new dimension to the game once she reaches the live servers. Not only are a whole new range of plays possible, but the possibility itself adds a new level of mind games – teams will have to be constantly aware of enemy teleporters, but on the flip side Symmetra will be able to divert enemy attention simply with the placement of one.